Objects are influential. They can inspire, transform, disgust, appall, anger or calm us. Often, where an object comes from, how it was made, for whom it was made, or how it was used, can tell us a lot about the ambitions, concerns and desires of a group of people.

An object lesson is a teaching method that consists of using a physical object or visual aid as a discussion piece for a lesson.

Object Lessons Space was conceived as a contemporary response to the object lesson — a teaching tool that dates back to the nineteenth-century.

We are an art historical archive and platform that documents conversations with artists, writers, curators and other creative minds. All conversations begin with artworks or art objects that have been chosen by our interviewees. Through these features, we hope to evidence our continued relationship with the artworks and art objects that surround us.

On our site, you’ll find three main categories of articles:

Creative Conversations

Conversations with artists about the artworks, texts and objects that have inspired them throughout their practice.
Expert Opinions

Conversations with curators, researchers, conservators and archivists about a single artwork within their area of expertise.
Features & Articles

Long form articles on art and art history.

If you’d like to rummage through our digital archives, you’ll find all our previous articles, banners and playlists archived here.

For now, we envision this as a primarily virtual space — one that hopefully reaches the screens of digital readers all around the world.

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