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Object Lessons Space
Object Lessons Space is a virtual platform that encourages a redefined understanding of art through conversation.


Every month, we publish a new digest of articles.
In 2019, we began inviting friends to illustrate banners and curate playlists.

This is an archive of our previous posts, banners and playlists — so you can keep coming back for more.


Banner Illustrated by Marie Toh

Banner Illustrated by Mirza Jaafar

Banner Illustrated by Dianna Sa'ad
Playlist Curated by Nicolette Teo and Eugene TYZ

Banner Illustrated by Joy Ho
British Library Article Illustrated by Dianna Sa'ad

Banner Illustrated by Kaelyn Quek
Playlist Curated by Racy Lim

Banner Illustrated by Denise Nicole Yap
Playlist Curated by Lee Chang Ming