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Object Lessons Space is a virtual platform that encourages a redefined understanding of art through conversation.
Illustration by    Denise Yap

Illustration by Denise Yap


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January 2019 Playlist
Curated by Lee Chang Ming



Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. — Object Lessons Space at the National Gallery Singapore

This exhibition is set across two sites, the National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum. We spoke to Silke Schmickl, curator at the National Gallery Singapore, about the artworks situated at the Gallery. We've also featured five of our favourite artworks from the exhibition.

Portable Exhibition № 1 — Art & Reproduction

A visual summary of the first ever pop up portable exhibition, Art & Reproduction, we did on Temple Street in October 2018.

Using a corkboard, we featured a couple of objects that examined how artworks and images have been reproduced, manipulated, cropped and edited.

Creative Conversations

Lee Chang Ming on the Alchemy of Analog Film, Photography as Process and Visualising Complexity

“When you take a photograph on film, you can’t turn the camera around to look at the image you’ve just taken. It really forces you to just be in the moment and to spend time with that person, so that’s something I enjoy with using a point and shoot camera as well.” 

Expert Opinions

Noorashikin binte Zulkifli (Asian Civilisations Museum) on a 19th-Century Terengganu Quran

“Developing a gallery for Islamic art in this current time is also something that cannot be taken lightly. I wanted to create a friendly atmosphere, and I wanted people to feel like they could engage with the art when they came into the space.”

Features & Articles

 12 Days of Christmas as Art

As the festive season draws closer, we’re rounding up the year with an iconic carol — The Twelve Days of Christmas. In order to help everyone remember the order in which the gifts are given, we thought we’d pair the every line from the carol up with an artwork.


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