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Flights of Imagination: How Birds Have Been Reinvented As Mythical Creatures Around The World

Mythical beings can be found in almost any culture around the world, and in particular, bird-like creatures feature across various pantheons. Described in literature, artists imbued this mythical aviary with physical forms, evidencing a clear relationship between word and image.

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Zarina Muhammad on Spirit Histories, Shape-shifting Spaces and The Cultural Biographies of Things

“I see thresholds as spaces that hold the greatest potential for both transformation and vulnerability. I’ve always been interested in questions that surround who or what owns the land or the various sea spaces. How do these notions of power, ownership and custodianship change or shape shift over time?”

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Kayleigh Goh on Constructing Quiet Spaces, Using Humble Materials and a Sense of Balance

“When one stays in one place for a long period of time, she or he can end up going through the motions of living there. One could become less mindful of one’s environment. Personally, I feel refreshed by my travelling between the two cities. It switches up my experience of a familiar place, and helps me to grow more aware of my surroundings.”

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