Spaces for the Public. Spaces for Democracy

Siah Armajani is an Iranian-American artist known for working at the intersections of public art, architecture and sculpture. In this video, we speak to director of the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Professor Ute Meta Bauer, about Armajani and his practice. We will also be featuring some of our favourite artworks from the exhibition.

Exploring Singapore’s Art Spaces Through Art Catalogues

What can art catalogues tell us about the development of the arts and cultural sector in Singapore? In this video, we speak to librarians from the National Library, Singapore, Nadia Ramli and Kong Leng Foong. Together, they show us how these materials can be referenced and read as important historical documents, and how you can access them for yourself.

List of catalogues featured here

Minimalism: Space. Light. Object.

This exhibition is set across two sites, the National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum. We spoke to Silke Schmickl, curator at the National Gallery Singapore, about the artworks situated at the Gallery. We've also featured five of our favourite artworks from the exhibition.

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