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Archives serve as repositories of important historical materials, yet they are not infallible. How can we make or remake meanings out of these materials, and suggest a mode of historical storytelling that is more inclusive, intersectional and considered?

Current Issue: On Historicity

Featured Excerpt

“Where do we go from here? In the present day, with our current concerns and conflicts, where does this tradition actually sit? What does it do for us now? Do we need to reinvent new traditions, and can we look to the past for inspiration?”

Read the full interview with Alecia Neo here.

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Featured Documentary

Spaces for the Public Spaces for Democracy

Siah Armajani is an Iranian-American artist known for working at the intersections of public art, architecture and sculpture. In this video, we speak to director of the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Professor Ute Meta Bauer, about Armajani and his practice.

We will also be featuring some of our favourite artworks from the exhibition.

Watch other interviews here.

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Current Issue: On Historicity
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