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Our understanding of physical space is often mediated through maps. Mapmaking is often seen as a precise science today, yet its methodologies have historically favoured particular knowledge systems over others. How might we gesture at alternative ways of following the contours and meandering through space?

Current Issue: On Psychogeographies

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“If counter-cartography or counter-mapping challenges the hegemony in spaces, as authored or dictated by positions of authority, I am interested in challenging all the forms of meaning-making that are being used to impose narratives of dominance.”

Read the full interview with Cian Dayrit here.

On Holding Space is a commemorative publication.
It examines various ecologies of generosity and hospitality. How can creating, sharing and holding space colour the way in which we make art, relate to one another, and encounter art?

The publication brings together new interviews, commissioned artworks, and poetry. It features the practices and works of artists and cultural practitioners—including Sonia Kwek, Joanne Pang, Charmaine Poh, Marla Bendini, Pey Chuan Tan, Rifqi Amirul Rosli, PURE EVER, Aki Hassan, and Jollin Tan.

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Mushroomed is a series of conversations around art making, artistic networks and ecosystems. Sit in on conversations with artists and cultural practitioners. Produced in collaboration with Singapore Community Radio, listen to your favourite episodes over and over again on Spotify.

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Current Issue: On Psychogeographies
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