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Object Lessons Space is a virtual platform that encourages a redefined understanding of art through conversation.

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April 2019 Playlist
Curated by Nicolette Teo and Eugene TYZ

Object Lessons Space at National Library, Singapore

Exploring Singapore's Art Spaces
through Art Catalogues

What can art catalogues tell us about the development of the arts and cultural sector in Singapore? In this video, we speak to librarians from the National Library, Singapore, Nadia Ramli and Kong Leng Foong. Together, they show us how these materials can be referenced and read as important historical documents, and how you can access them for yourself.

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Minimalism: Space. Light. Object.
National Gallery Singapore

Art & Reproduction
Portable Exhibition № 1

Creative Conversations

Yanyun Chen on Navigating the Nude, the Pulsating Qualities of Charcoal and Creating Autofictional Installations

“For me, I try to capture atmospheres and moods whilst allowing for breathing space so that things can be kept in balance. It is simultaneously about the need to arrest a thought, and a need to let that thought pulse.”

Expert Opinions

Naomi Wang (Asian Civilisations Museum) on a Yogyakarta Ciptoning

“We wanted to lay all of this out in an evidence-based manner in order to question how one goes about collecting knowledge. Once this knowledge is collected, how then does one repackage this information, and to whom is this information presented to?”

17. Parang barong seling naga. Image courtesy of Museum Batik Danar Hadi, Surakarta, Indonesia.JPG
Features & Articles

Flights of Imagination: How Birds Have Been Reinvented As Mythical Creatures Around The World

Mythical beings can be found in almost any culture around the world, and in particular, bird-like creatures feature across various pantheons. Described in literature, artists imbued this mythical aviary with physical forms, evidencing a clear relationship between word and image.


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