Special Issue
On Re/Discovery

Art-making is a curious and reflective process. Digging, especially where no one is looking, is a commitment to re/discover lost narratives or expand upon our lived experiences. How do we create space for research that attempts to understand our multilayered and constructed realities?

On Re/Discovery was put together by an invited guest writer.
About the Writer

Currently based in Singapore, Zhai Qiutong is a visual artist and researcher that questions how we live in our current place and time. By researching its hidden histories and spiritual qualities, Zhai seeks to rebuild intimate relationships with the land. Her idea of identity, human presence, and human relations with land often translate into installations that feature highly textural surfaces and sensual details. She sees her works as carriers of memory that prompt us to reimagine the world as a deconstructed and decolonized time and space. 

Current Issue: On Psychogeographies
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